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Seeing the World, Through the Eyes of My Lens

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2016 was the year I discovered my interest in the art of photography. At that time I was working for the Hudson Valley Renegades as their VP of Corporate Partnerships, which made me wear many hats. I started befriending some of the MiLB professional photographers and began sharing some of my photography with them, A few of them expressed that I had a natural eye for photography. This sparked my interest in exploring the many different aspects of lighting options & unique approaches in photography. My passion is Wildlife and Landscape photography but I have recently added Wedding, Portrait & Real Estate photography as part of my new ventures in the world of photography. Over the past few years my hobby has become a passion that I wish to share with the world. Photography empowers me to share my perspective of the world around us through my lens and brings me internal peace.


           Photo credit: Sue

"Thank you for always pushing me to take photos" 

Michael Mazzuca behind the lens!

Welcome to Michael Mazzuca Photography

I began this website to share my vision of the world around me as I see it through my lens. It allows me to share my adventures and bring them to life through my photographs . Im hoping my virtual gallery resonates with you & each piece speaks to you as it spoke to me. 



Michael Mazzuca

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Michael Mazzuca Photography

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